Manager of the year

Many eminent authors of inspiration books including the Holy Bible say that you reap what and where you sowed. If you sow 20 grains of maize seeds, you don’t expect a miracle to harvest a sack-full of maize cobs.


Another principle I have picked out of my experience is of “chance” or “bad luck”. It does not work that way. You have to work. But my experience has also set me to contest the belief in hard work per se. I shouldn’t say I worked so hard in 2015. One who thinks he/she works hard should also check on his/her commitment, passion, zeal, organization, productivity and those aspects that make your product/output acceptable and appreciated. Take a case of a hard working- gloomy waiter/receptionist! I tell you I am so taken up by management by objectives. Just agree with me. I know HRM does.

Well, to the point, it is also important to confidently believe in one’s self and therefore, I believe like many did in ENHAS that I deserve/d to be the Manager of the Year 2015. Great appreciation to all those that participated in nominating and approving my name, even those who had forgotten and I can’t forget those who consulted me, assigned me duties and gave me feed-back. I am humbled.

Indeed I had almost half of the year fully supporting the transition process as Chief Tytens was planning to retire.

While I had thought that my job was technically supporting operational HODs, my office became was left open for everybody. I enjoyed it and I enjoy it. As COO, my office is now open wider for everybody. Why wider? We, all of us together staff and management have entered a new year 2016 on a new chapter with a new CEO- Chief Philippe. We have all welcomed him and committed ourselves to support him to keep ENHAS higher by maintaining the organization mission, culture, upholding the standards and capturing a wider market. Yes together we shall.

We have a task ahead. We have competition threatening, we expect scattered work stations for example the new cargo centre hence scattering and stretching our resources as CAA modifies and improves on the airport, we have a continuously demanding clientele, we have the challenge of supporting DOD Program to maintain an honest society and we have a Ugandan youthful society that has to prove that it is willing and ready to disprove history.

Let me end here for now by assuring all our clients excellent services and wish all you the best in year 2016

John Mbonye- Chief Operations Officer