Employment Procedure

Recruitment in ENHAS is consistent with principles of good business planning and follows clearly defined transparent procedures. No jobs will be offered on recommendation.
Vacancies in the Company are, in most cases, advertised internally followed by external advertising where no suitable candidate has been located.

However, ENHAS may simultaneously advertise vacancies in local publications and on the ENHAS job portal, or may not invite internal applicants as deemed appropriate to the requirements of the position being filled.

Interview process:

  • Preliminary Interview
  • Pre-Employment Honest screening (PEP)
  • Written & Ability Tests
  • Final Oral Interview

For Drivers & Mechanics only those successful on the practical test can go on to the preliminary oral interview.

Other requirements:

  • Pre-employment medicals

Successful candidates on the final oral interview will undergo a pre-employment medical examination by the company doctor.

  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Pre-employment background check

Candidates will then be vetted by the Civil Aviation Authority who will issue an airport pass.