Safety Courses

Living up to “Safety First”, the Company provides extensive safety courses in aviation safety.

Dangerous Goods
Dangerous Goods Regulation Certification and Revalidation courses are conducted for all passenger check-in staff, Load Controllers, Cargo staff, Security staff, Porterage staff and Airline crew.
Emergency Procedures
Staff are trained in Emergency Response Procedures and monthly fire and evacuation drills are conducted in Cargo Import Bonds.

Fire Fighting
In collaboration with CAA, ENHAS trains its workforce in fire prevention and fighting techniques. Over one week-end, a fire started at the level of APU of an aircraft, the ramp staff quickly reached and grabbed the big fire extinguisher that is always positioned at the nose of the aircraft and helped the flight engineer to stop the potential loss of the aircraft! This is the non-visible part of ENHAS quality and value to our client Airlines at Entebbe Airport.

Airside Safety
ENHAS has appointed a full time safety officer Mr. George Iraguha on hand, who is a Custodian of the Company’s Safety standards and provides airside safety training for staff. There is a Safety Police who is all the time on ramp to enforce the set safety standards and procedures.

ENHAS is a certified ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) provider. Our ground operations are thus based on Ground Operations Standards and Recommended Practices (GOSARPS). This has further improved on operational safety and our target of zero aircraft ground damage and personnel work related injuries.

Staff are trained for work on and around aircraft to avoid the dangers inherent in proximity to aircraft, Dangers of FOD (Foreign Object Damage), aircraft engines, moving equipment, working at height, fire outbreaks and the costs involved.

First Aid
A large number of staff are trained and certified by the Uganda Red Cross Society in First Aid assistance