ENHAS security is a dedicated team within the Company whose objectives are to protect and safeguard the aircraft, crew, staff, passenger and their baggage, cargo, ground equipment and the general public against acts of unlawful interference.

Enhas has installed a CCTV system in cargo, baggage sorting and other major ENHAS operational areas which drastically enhances security by enabling around the clock surveillance in these areas.

In the Imports Bond, loitering is not allowed. Security allows into the bond only those people who have a job to perform and Clearing Agents or Importers who must have an airport security pass or a visitor’s pass from AVSEC that permit access and must be accompanied by a Customs Verification Officer.

All export cargo that passes through ENHAS bond must be subjected to security controls for the safety of the aircraft. Security must ensure that the actual weights of the consignments are the ones that appear on the accompanying documents. Security at its own discretion makes random weight checks on exports to ensure safety compliance.

Enhas security training section headed by the Chief of Security has been in operation for a number of years. All of our courses have been tailored to meet all of our staff and clients/? needs.